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Ethereal songstress Martha Skye Murphy fuses crystalline vocals with gossamer sounds. Lucent spent some time with the South London artist earlier this year as she talked us through her process of gathering fragments of sounds, lyrics and visuals to create whole bodies of work. This was our inspiration for the experience we created together with Martha Skye Murphy.

“I write sporadically and compulsively I am constantly collecting material which goes into a kind of archive; notebooks, my phone, my bedroom walls. Eventually, a bit like Bowie’s ‘cut-up’ method, phrases my friends have used, words I’ve heard in strange spaces, sentences from books I’m reading, descriptions of paintings I’ve been looking at, all end up in a disjointed way on one sheet of paper. Then I take the words to the piano. Lyrics and chords are synonymous with each other for me. I go to the piano with a messy puzzle in my mind, which my fingers automatically and unthinkingly organise as they move toward chords. My voice, the lyrics and piano appear and bow to each other. But before that, I am living in a hazy web of confusion. Songwriting is my way of making sense of a sticky labyrinth of ideas, influences and experiences in this world.”

Experience Martha Skye Murphy live at Lucent Edition 01 on April 3 at The Pickle Factory.

Made in collaboration with Lucent

Sound and Visuals: Martha Skye Murphy Photography: Ceidra Moon Murphy Code: Jack Wild Design: Alexander Venndt Words: Alice Nicolov
Photography by Ceidra Moon Murphy